About Us

Uniclox is a solution-driven company providing powerful, automated solutions for time tracking and time management.

First established in 1939 as a maker of clocks, Uniclox was registered in 1945. Its longevity can be attributed to expertise and a commitment to remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology. Known as United Clocks until 1965, many of its large clocks can still be seen on buildings in and around Johannesburg, for example, on the SAB Building in the city center and the Oriental Plaza Tower.

Much has changed since then and the request for Time Management Solutions has evolved over the years. Uniclox has managed to adapt to each industry request with regards to employee time management. We still cater for the needs of our Mechanical Clock Card reporting clientele to this day however, we have made it our sole purpose to provide our clients with a large variety of cost effective time recording solutions.

In addition to Time and Attendance, we also cater for secured Access Control which can be set up to work hand in hand with Time and Attendance recording. We have identified a shortfall in Shop Floor Data Collection and Labour Tracking which records time spent working on a particular job and can now provide our clients with this astonishing product.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have developed an application which allows for Staff Monitoring Off Site. Now you are able to keep track of your employee’s movements on the road through a mobile tracking device.

Our solutions provide consistent, unbiased workforce management information to increase your workforce profitability and by decreasing labour and payroll processing costs. This reduces risk and fraud which in turn improves labour performance and security.

"Superior performance is not, never has been, nor will it ever be, the by-product of ordinary efforts."

– Gary Ryan Blair