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Sophia Hislop Apr 21 2022
Join the Uniclox Team at NAMPO 2022

Grain SA's Nampo Harvest Day is back and it holds no secret that it is

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Sophia Hislop Mar 31 2022
Facial Recognition, the new key to life? What’s next in the biometric realm?

Facial recognition is software that has developed to become the newest, biometric trend. What was

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Sophia Hislop Mar 28 2022
Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis Win with Pannar and Uniclox

Uniclox recently ran a competition whereby the first place winners would have the opportunity of

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Sophia Hislop Sep 10 2021
Monitoring Employees vs. Time & Attendance and Access Control

Is this legal? There is a difference between monitoring your employees and time & attendance

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Sophia Hislop Aug 10 2021
Celebrating Woman’s Month 2021

We need your support! Don’t just throw them away, somewhere out there is a young

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Sophia Hislop Jul 20 2021
Have you migrated to the Cloud?

The start of Cloud Based Technology To get a better understanding of migration to Cloud

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