Are you using the Toilet report?


May 27, 2021


Sophia Hislop

“My staff spend too much time in the toilet” is a problem being experienced by so many businesses. Extended toilet breaks are not only costly, but can also be seen as absenteeism in the workplace. Monitor employees’ unproductive time with the Uniclox “in-Area” report, or as some call it, the “Toilet Report”.

With the punches per terminal, you will be able to determine the total amount of time spent by employees in a certain area, monitored by the Uniclox Enterprise Platinum Software together with our biometric Access Control solutions. This is ideal to manage and monitor productive (work areas) and non-productive (bathrooms, restroom, smoking areas and the canteen) areas to insure employees follow your company policies and procedures.

A company in India compelled their employees to a “smell check” if they spend more than 10 minutes in the toilet. No need to go the “smell check” route, Uniclox can provide you with a customized report.

Have you ever done the math on how many unproductive hours there are in your company? The average person has to “go” between 6 to 7 times in a 24-hour period. Taking into consideration, walking to the bathroom, maybe there is a queue, engaging in small talk, each visit can take up to 20 min per break. If a person only goes on 3 of these extended toilet breaks per day, it all adds up to 20 hours per month that you are paying for unproductive time.

Advantages of the In-Area Report:

With our “in-Area” report you will be able to monitor any unproductive hours and be quick to determine a pattern with certain employees. Employees never want to feel that they are being watched, however being allowed to do what they want, that might result in unproductivity, is also not an option. This is what the In-Area report provides – employees merely being held accountable.

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