Platinum Mobile: The Time Tracking App from Uniclox


January 31, 2023


Sophia Hislop

The Platinum Mobile App by Uniclox – Time and Attendance with a Difference.

The Platinum Mobile app is the perfect solution to track employees’ work hours, location, leave and so much more, where employees do not have access to the office clocking terminal, are on site or out in the field visiting clients.

Why is this app different to any other Time and Attendance app out there?

All you need is only ONE cell phone to clock a single or multiple employees with facial recognition and liveliness detection, using the front or back camera of a cell phone. The first and only app of its kind! Facial matching and liveliness algorithm matches of up to 99% can be set by the super user. The new modern design makes it a joy to use for both employer and employee.  Convenient, simple, user friendly. But wait, there is more!

Features of the Platinum Mobile App

Time Tracker:

With Platinum Mobile the GPS feature allows you to track each employee’s exact location with each clocking and automatically logs all tracked time.  Data is captured and sent to the Vision Enterprise Platinum cloud-based software where you can monitor each employee, giving you access to customizable reports and tools to manage your employees’ time and location worked.

Site Clocking:

Working outside the office, at a clients premises, or at a construction site?  

Use a variety of variables such as GPS location, time stamps, virtual sites and virtual site selection together with the accuracy brought by Uniclox mobile facial recognition to ensure you have accurate site hour billing and wage data. You can allocate a certain amount of time allowed at a certain site and allocate certain employees to certain site – using only ONE cell phone. Not clocking where they should? No problem, receive an alert when an employee clocks outside of these parameters.

The geofencing and site clocking feature of Platinum Mobile

HK Enrol:

New employee? Enrol one or multiple new employees using your cell phone camera and restrict their access to certain areas in the building. What if old Andy from admin grew a beard during his leave? Replace and update photos of current employees with Platinum Mobile. Templates are then automatically sent to the Vision Enterprise Platinum software and all linked clocking terminals.


The same applies here as with HK Enrol. Using your cell phone camera enrol a visitor, allow access to certain areas of the building and provide temporary access. Access control in the palm of your hands. As soon as the allowed time expires, access is revoked. No more messy books in your reception with false information.

Employee Self Service (ESS):

Employees can now easily apply and track leave from their mobile device. Track your leave status, leave balance and upload any supporting documents. ESS gives you complete control over your leave system.

Job Costing:

Employers are able to keep track of the amount of hours an employee spends on a specific project or task at a work centre. Tracking productive and non-productive time, such as time wasted during loadshedding, can increase workload to employees and increase overall productivity, effectively manage your team, time and money.

Offline? No problem.

Data gets saved to the mobile device and updates to the Vision Enterprise Platinum software once connection is restored, so you can monitor your team whether on the road or at office. When ready for payroll, directly export employee timesheet to your preferred payroll. With this state-of-the-art biometric solution, the future of your business is in your hands.

Regardless your industry and size of your company, the Platinum Mobile app is affordable and provides you with endless benefits.

Download the Platinum Mobile App

Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, download, try the new app and share your impressions with us.  Not a customer? Schedule a demo to find out how your business can benefit from Platinum Mobile App by Uniclox, industry leaders since 1945.

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