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September 16, 2022


Morne Booysen

Do you know if your employees are really using their time wisely when being in the workplace? Are they being productive? Are you sure that they are doing what is expected of them?

These questions are always asked, and Uniclox can answer all these questions for you.  Automotive job costing can often be a complicated endeavour. Getting an accurate sum of labour can be the difference between profitability and loss. Data inaccuracies or lack of tracking can ensure issues in the future. We have the solutions to get your business running at peak performance as well as giving you a complete view of your business activities.

Uniclox has a Job Costing Module that could provide all the information you need to keep track of your employees and their tasks at hand, how much time was spent on the task, and if the employees were productive during the time spent on their allocated tasks.

Our Job Costing Module offers the following:

  • Accurate job costing
  • Allocation of tasks to employees
  • Reports on time spent on tasks
  • Employees being productive on their tasks
  • Real-time reporting
  • Was the task cost effective?

Scenario – Let’s say without the Job Costing Module the employee was assigned to do a normal service on a vehicle, which normally would take about 45-60 minutes, but during this time he decides to do a few things of his own. You will not be able to monitor his time spent on the service correctly and will lose revenue. BUT with our state-of-the-art Job Costing Module, the Employee must clock in and start a specific job and then clock out when the job is completed. This will give you the correct amount of productive time spent on actually servicing the vehicle.

The data and reporting information from our software will save you time and money, as well as help to plan your services better in the future.

Along with the Job Costing Module, we also offer Time and Attendance as well as Access Control systems. You can get your employees to work on time so productive time can be spent wisely, and to ensure those expensive parts are safely secured.

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Some of our biometric terminals that can be used in conjunction with our software:

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