Uniclox Celebrates 78 Years – A Legacy of Innovative Time Management Solutions


July 4, 2023


Sophia Hislop

In an era where time is of the essence, businesses rely on efficient time management to streamline operations and maximize productivity. For over seven decades, Uniclox has been at the forefront of providing powerful, automated solutions for time tracking and time management. As we celebrate our 78th birthday, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our rich history and commitment to adapting to evolving industry needs.

From Clock Maker to Time Management Innovator

We can trace our roots back to 1939 when we were initially established as a clock-making company. Our company was formally registered in 1945 and went by the name “United Clocks” until 1965. Many of the iconic clocks produced by Uniclox can still be found adorning buildings in and around Johannesburg, such as the SAB Building in the city centre and the Oriental Plaza Tower.

Adapting to Changing Needs

Over the years, the demand for time management solutions has undergone significant transformations, and we have remained steadfast in meeting these evolving industry requirements. While we still cater to our mechanical clock card reporting clientele, we have made it our purpose to provide our clients with a wide variety of cost-effective time recording solutions.

Our commitment goes beyond time and attendance. We understand the importance of secured access control systems that work hand in hand with time tracking. Furthermore, we identified the need for accurate shop floor data collection and labour tracking, allowing businesses to monitor the time spent on specific tasks or jobs. With this solution, we empower our clients to optimize resource allocation and enhance overall efficiency.

Innovation Beyond Boundaries

At Uniclox, we believe that effective workforce management extends beyond the traditional office environment. To address this need, we have developed Platinum Mobile, an application that enables off-site staff monitoring. It is the perfect solution to track employees’ work hours, location, leave and so much more. This ensures transparency and accountability where employees do not have access to the office clocking terminal, are on site, or are out in the field visiting clients.

Driving Efficiency and Profitability

Our solutions are designed to provide consistent and unbiased workforce management information, ultimately increasing workforce profitability. By seamlessly integrating our cloud-based time and attendance software with our biometric clock-in terminals, we simplify the payroll process for our clients. This integration with payroll software streamlines payroll management, reducing labour and payroll processing costs, while minimizing the risk of errors and fraudulent activities. The result is improved labour performance, enhanced security, and a more efficient operation.

As we celebrate our 78th birthday, Uniclox remains committed to innovation and adaptability in the field of time management solutions. Our journey, from clock maker to provider of cutting-edge automated time tracking and management systems, showcases our ability to anticipate industry needs and deliver cost-effective solutions. We take pride in our legacy of helping businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce through accurate time management and data-driven insights. Here’s to another year of continued innovation and excellence as we forge ahead, ensuring that Uniclox remains the trusted partner for all time management needs.

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