Agricultural Time and Attendance and Access Control Solutions


September 8, 2022


Ilse Roos

Have peace of mind for you and your employees. The Agricultural industry has unique needs when it comes to Time and Attendance and Access Control. Uniclox has the solution to these unique needs with our software and various hardware options.

Time and Attendance Solution with Uniclox Software and Hikvision Biometric Terminals

Agricultural sites often have a large number of employees across different work areas, which can make keeping track of their attendance difficult.

Our Uniclox Vision Enterprise Platinum software paired with Hikvision biometric terminals is the perfect solution. Track employee attendance and monitor work hours, late arrivals, early arrivals, extended breaks as well as absenteeism. Your labour costs will be reduced as your employee performance is improved.

No Contact Alcohol Testing with Access Control Breathalyser

The drinking population in South Africa, according to data from WHO, consumes 28.9 litres of pure alcohol per year per person, ranking fifth highest in the world. It is crucial that businesses enforce tough rules against drinking at work, now more than ever. Consistent drinkers are 33% less productive than their co-workers and are more likely to miss work, according to studies. When you couple this with the elevated risk of an occupational injury or death, you have a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Being at the cutting edge of technology, Uniclox can help employers stop workplace alcohol abuse. Although portable breathalysers are excellent, their efficiency is dependent on the operator, and there is room for human error. We are able to provide a fully automated solution that does not require any human involvement and does not leave any room for error. Alcohol testing is frequently required in sectors including mining, manufacturing facilities with large machinery, and transportation. Each employee must pass a test and be sober to operate machinery when they first report for duty. Testing for these industries is typically carried out at the factory’s entrance.

The turnstile effectively stops the employee in the middle of their rotation, forcing them to interact with the breathalyser and biometric reader. Buddy clocking is not permitted, and every worker entering the building is screened. The turnstile will unlock and evict the employee from the premises if they fail the breathalyser test.

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Some of our biometric terminals that can be used in conjunction with our software:

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