Why Charge an Entrance Fee for Your Public Restroom?


September 13, 2022


Ilse Roos

At Uniclox we offer a full range of pay-for-entry (access) turnstiles which are ideal for public toilets, taverns and low-cost accommodation. A turnstile (full height or waist height), a coin acceptor device, and an audit counter are all components of a pay-for-entry system. The coin acceptor may be adjusted to accept any number of coins, and it is equipped with a lockable cash hopper to keep the money safe until it is collected. The audit counter has a reset key switch and allows the owner to keep track of the number of entries that have occurred. The audit gives the owner the ability to determine whether any theft by the staff members responsible for taking the money out of the cash hopper has occurred.

A relatively straightforward proximity tag system that replaces the coin acceptor system is provided for shopping centers and gas stations, where employees and tenants have free access to the restrooms.

Benefits of a coin-operated turnstile?

  • Safer environment for your customers and employees
  • No vandalism of equipment
  • Recover operational and maintenance costs
  • Restores overall hygiene in the bathroom

This entrance solution will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are offering a secure and tidy space for your visitors to utilize when they visit your business, especially with the surge in vandalism in towns and public areas. With our coin-operated turnstile, giving your customers a clean and hygienic facility is simple and hassle-free.

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