Keeping Track of a Lot of Employees in a Lot of Places


October 6, 2022


Marlon Richards

Some businesses will find themselves in a situation where they have a sizable workforce spread over numerous structures and locations. This makes it challenging to monitor attendance and access management. This is crucial for both accurate timekeeping, which lowers business expenses, as well as for the safety of each employee.

The ideal solution combines our Uniclox Vision Enterprise Platinum software with Hikvision biometric devices. Keep track of employee attendance and keep an eye on their tardiness, early arrivals, length of breaks, and absences. As employee performance increases, your labour costs will decrease.

Automated Alcohol Testing

Due to its cutting-edge technology, Uniclox can assist companies in putting an end to workplace alcohol addiction. Although portable breathalyzers are quite good, there is a chance for operator mistake because their effectiveness depends on the user. We do provide a completely automated option that eliminates the need for human intervention and all possibility of error. In the Wine Route industries, such as manufacturing complexes with significant machinery and transportation, alcohol testing is typically essential. When they first report for duty, every employee must pass a test and be sober in order to operate machines. Typically, testing for these industries takes place at the factory’s entrance.

The employee is basically stopped in the middle of their cycle by the turnstile, which forces them to interact with the breathalyzer and biometric reader. Every worker entering or exiting the building is vetted, and buddy clocking is not allowed. If the employee fails the breathalyzer test, the turnstile will open and eject them from the area.

Portable Solutions

Peak harvesting season is on the horizon which means more employees are hired and time management can become an employer’s biggest nightmare. With our portable units, employees are now able to clock in and out whilst out on the field, no more excuses, no need to waste time and get to the closest clocking device to clock for start, breaks etc.

Uni-H4 (RF) Advanced Facial and RFID reader

Often drivers arrive late from their daily routes and find themselves not having access to a clocking device due the offices or manufacturing plants being closed. Our Uni-H4 device is IP 65 rated and can be installed outdoors which allows for drivers arriving late to have access to a clocking machine. We’ve put it to the test.

Platinum Mobile

Our Platinum Mobile app makes it possible for those drivers out on the road or that employee working remotely from home to be able to clock in and out from their cell phones. Needless to say, employees can clock from anywhere in the world. Platinum Mobile provides an accurate GPS location for easy reporting from the Vision Enterprise Platinum software.

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