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The New Platinum Mobile App

The Platinum Mobile App by Uniclox – Time and Attendance with a Difference.

The Platinum Mobile app is the perfect solution to track employees’ work hours, location, leave and so much more, where employees do not have access to the office clocking terminal, are on site or out in the field visiting clients.

Why is this app different to any other Time and Attendance app out there?

All you need is only ONE cell phone to clock a single or multiple employees with facial recognition and liveliness detection, using the front or back camera of a cell phone. The first and only app of its kind! Facial matching and liveliness algorithm matches of up to 99% can be set by the super user. The new modern design makes it a joy to use for both employer and employee.  Convenient, simple, user friendly.


  • Time Tracker: Clock in or out and access mass clockings. GPS location is captured to ensure clocking in at the right location.
  • Facial Clocking: Clock in or out using your front or back phone camera, matching to the database on the software.
  • Site Clocking: Clock large amounts of employees with one phone using facial recognition. Geofencing ensures clocking on site.
  • Visitors: Enrol visitors using your phone.
  • HK Enrol: Enrol employees using your phone camera.
  • Job Costing: Select a Project, Task and Work Centre.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS): Apply for leave, track leave status and upload supporting documents.

Offline? No problem.

Data gets saved to the mobile device and updates to the Vision Enterprise Platinum software once connection is restored, so you can monitor your team whether on the road or at office. When ready for payroll, directly export employee timesheet to your preferred payroll. With this state-of-the-art biometric solution, the future of your business is in your hands.

Regardless your industry and size of your company, the Platinum Mobile app is affordable and provides you with endless benefits.

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The geofencing and site clocking feature of Platinum Mobile

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