Portable Time and Attendance Solutions for Remote Environments


September 23, 2022


Izelle van Dommelen

When managing a remote environment, such as a construction company, keeping track of hours worked, vacation time, and overtime is a significant challenge.

Real-time tracking can be a huge challenge when working with part-time and full-time employees as well as contractors, all of whom receive different pay rates, job costing and work flexible hours. This all makes monitoring these hours very complex.

Would you like to:

  • Improve employee accountability?
  • Cut operational costs?
  • Keep track of hours worked?
  • Collect time and attendance information for payroll purposes?

There are a variety of ways that contractors can record time and attendance on construction sites, and Uniclox can cater to different solutions based on each company’s unique needs. No more handwritten timesheets that gets lost or even forged, and no more human error on calculations. We will provide a solution that incorporates cloud-based or real-time reporting time and attendance using our software and biometric devices.

We can provide:

  • Mobile clock cases or for off-site purposes with built in routers.
  • The Uni-H4-M portable terminal with Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity.
  • Our user-friendly mobile app, Platinum Mobile, to clock in via a mobile device using a live GPS location.
  • To make it easier, data can be synced via our app to the Wi-Fi on your location.
  • A geo-fence can also be created on our app for your specific construction site location.

Uniclox Vision Enterprise Platinum Time and Attendance Software provides real-time employee time tracking, simplified staff scheduling and a centralized employee data system. This enables our construction customers to improve employee accountability, cut operational costs and increase productivity based on your business’ size and needs.

Your business will:

  • Achieve Payroll Accuracy – no costly payroll errors.
  • Track Staff Attendance and Hours.
  • Eliminate inaccurate reporting.
  • Be more Cost Effective.
  • Control Labour Costs across multiple sites.
  • Streamline Compliance to ensure adherence to Complex Pay Premium and Union Rules.

Uniclox will support you on the installation of your access control and time and attendance solutions.

Contact us to discuss the most efficient solution for your working environment.

Recommended Time and Attendance Devices for Construction or Other Remote Sites:

Uni-H4-M Portable Facial Recognition Terminal with Wi-Fi or 4G

Platinum Mobile, our mobile clocking solution

Portable mounting board with a battery pack and biometric terminal

Portable Uni-491 Fingerprint Terminal in IP66 Case with Battery Back-Up, Car Charger, USB and TCP/IP Connection

Portable case with a battery pack, router and biometric terminal

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