Where Does Your Staff Spend Their Time?


September 2, 2022


Christo Wandrag

Should employees be paid for non-productive time in the workplace? This is a very simple question, and the answer should surely be no.

Doing a bit of research brings to light a different picture though.

Being able to verify productive time is a crucial part in any manufacturing environment, yet it is overlooked so easily.

Let’s have a look at a scenario: Employee X arrives at work at 07:35 but does not immediately start with the job that was allocated to him. He first walks around, has a chat to a fellow worker and makes himself a cup of coffee.

Employee X then starts to work on the job at 07:50, takes a 37-minute lunch mid-day and completes the job at 16:15, before going home at 16:30.

In the short example above, 4 questions can be asked:

  • How much time should’ve been allocated to the task?
  • Was there a method in place to track time spent on the task?
  • Was it cost effective?
  • Was the employee productive for the eight and a half hours at work?

To solve these 4 problems, a system needed to be in place to provide the necessary feedback, which would improve productivity and costing during the manufacturing process.

Whether you have a small workshop or large manufacturing plant, there will always be a requirement to manage staff and tasks.

Uniclox has designed a system that will provide your business with the necessary components to track productivity during the manufacturing process.

Take control of productive time in the workplace. Contact us for a customised time and attendance solution that integrates directly with your payroll software.

Shift: 07:30 - 16:30 with 30min Lunch = 8½ hours | Productive Time = 7h48m | Non-productive Time = 42m

Some of our biometric terminals that can be used in conjunction with our software:

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