Why would I need an IP65 rated terminal?


September 1, 2022


Sophia Hislop

First off, what is an IP rating? It is a standard defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission to ensure the safety of electrical devices. IP ratings are used to classify the degree of sealing effectiveness provided by electrical enclosures in protecting the contained equipment from exposure to liquids and solids, including dirt and water.

The first digit in the IP rating indicates the level of protection provided again solid foreign objects such as tools or airborne dirt. The second digit indicates the protection against various forms of moisture such as sprays or submersion. This ensures that the device will not be a fire hazard or a risk to personal safety if exposed to the specific level of its IP rating.

Having a universal IP rating system ensures that certain electrical devices can be safely used in specific environments and applications. The IP rating is an important factor to take into account when purchasing and installing electrical equipment, as the level of protection required would vary depending on use, such as outdoors or in an area with a high level of dust.

Typically, low IP ratings are used for areas such as indoor settings where jetting water will never be an issue. Temperature controlled areas such office buildings would not require high IP ratings. High-IP-rated fixtures are used for outdoor locations subjected to greater amounts of liquids and dust, such as sports arenas, beachfront areas, and dirty warehouses.

An IP65 rated device means that it has the highest level of dust protection, and that it is able to withstand low-pressure water jets from all directions. Due to its longevity and durability in adverse weather conditions, it is ideal for use all over your property, from indoors to outdoors.

IP65 rated devices are appropriate for:

  • Unsealed outdoor locations
  • Places that have a lot of debris
  • Areas with heavy foot traffic
  • High splash areas
  • High contact areas (people touching them)

Our Uni-H4 biometric terminal is IP65 rated is therefore suitable for outdoor use and for areas subjected to greater amounts of dust and water. We recently put it to the test, and it proved to be an incredibly robust piece of equipment!

If you have an area that would require a terminal with a high IP rating, then contact us and we will provide you with a solution that is best suited to your environment.

We put our Uni-H4 terminal to the test:

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