Clock in from anywhere in the world


March 16, 2020


Sophia Hislop

Social factors play an important role with regards to the evolution of people management. It has become even more prevalent due to environmental factors taking place around the world. Our personal hygiene has become a topic of discussion in the workplace and people are more conscious of what they touch and who they interact with.

Uniclox had being doing research for some time now in order to see how we could revolutionize the way in which staff hours are recorded without a staff member even have to make contact with a device. This problem is easily solved by making use of facial recognition units within the workplace. The device would simply scan your facial features and record your employee’s hours and grant them access to their relevant department.

But how do you record the working hours of an employee that happens to work ‘off site’? Surely you cannot supply a time recording device to each and every employee in order to record their hours? Or can you?

Uniclox has developed an app that has tackled that problem head on by making use of the one device most people have on their procession at all times and that is, their mobile devices.

With the help of our Vision Enterprise Platinum based software, Employees are now able to clock in using our mobile app on their devices provided that they use any Android Version 5 device or higher or any I.O.S Version 10 device or higher. All that is required that your staff download the Vision Enterprise Platinum CCS Mobile app onto the devices, log in using their staff credentials and they will be able to clock in from anywhere in the world.

Their clocking times will then be submitted to the cloud based database where hours will be calculated according to the company’s customized requirements to ensure accurate recording of hours and payments.

The application relies on GPS tracking which will allow you to keep track of your employees location at all times. This ensures peace of mind regardless of where you are.

In the event that the employee does not have data on his mobile phone, the information will stay stored on the application until the user is able to connect to a WiFi or data enabled connection.

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