Ensure Worksite Accountability with the Uni-H4-M Mobile Clocking Unit


June 6, 2024


Sophia Hislop

Proper safety protocols on worksites are imperative and tragedies can be prevented with the right tools. The lack of an appropriate headcount system, such as the absence of a reliable Time and Attendance solution, is a factor that may contribute to worksite accidents.

The Uni-H4-M is your key to achieving streamlined Time and Attendance management, with enhanced security, all delivered in a convenient and portable package.

The Uni-H4-M: Your All-in-One Mobile Clocking Advantage

Eradicate Buddy Punching: Facial recognition technology ensures accurate work hours for every employee. This eliminates the possibility of “buddy punching,” a practice where one employee clocks in for another, leading to payroll errors and inconsistencies.

Uncompromising Security: The Uni-H4-M leverages advanced facial recognition to grant access only to authorized personnel. This significantly strengthens overall site security by keeping unauthorized individuals out.

Unmatched Flexibility: Unlike traditional clocking systems that are confined to a specific location, the Uni-H4-M is completely portable. Move it anywhere on your worksite for unmatched ease in managing your workforce, no matter the location.

Power Through Any Challenge: The built-in, long-lasting battery ensures the Uni-H4-M keeps operating uninterrupted throughout the workday, even during power outages. Loadshedding won’t disrupt your ability to track time and attendance.

Invest in Peace of Mind and Accountability

The Uni-H4-M Mobile Clocking Unit is more than just a timekeeping tool; it’s an investment in peace of mind and a more accountable workforce. By ensuring the safety and security of your workers, you’re creating a positive work environment and avoiding potential disasters. 

It integrates seamlessly into Vision Enterprise Platinum, our cloud-based Time & Attendance software. Platinum provides real-time employee time tracking, simplified staff scheduling and a centralized employee data system. 

Get the Uni-H4-M today and safeguard your worksite!

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