Facial Recognition, the new key to life? What’s next in the biometric realm?


March 31, 2022


Sophia Hislop

Facial recognition is software that has developed to become the newest, biometric trend. What was once seen as a symbol of advancements for futuristic civilisation in sci-fi films has now become an integral part of our lives. Facial recognition maps, analysis and confirms the identity of individuals through certain physical features. While most individuals interact with facial recognition merely as a way to unlock their devices, the way in which large enterprises and governments use it has a greater impact on people’s lives and the security of information, how it’s sorted, where it’s stored and who has access to it. Since the beginning of its time, facial recognition has since made authentication, quick, easy and accurate (most of the time).

When it comes to small scale facial recognition through your own device, the software has been cleverly designed for individuals to opt out or turn off facial recognition, however the pervasiveness of cameras and ever evolving technology has since made it near impossible to avoid in public. In the past there were abeyances on the sale of this particular software by large enterprises due to the rising concern of racial profiling and protestor identification. However, since the expiry of such abeyances, the intelligence behind facial recognition has become more advanced and cheaper!

Which begs the question, is facial recognition truly the new key to life?

In hindsight, yes! Facial recognition leaves almost little to no room for error, therefore boasting its almost continuous success, making entry of information or locations both fast and easy.

Every facial recognition works differently, on corrective algorithms, hence the basis of appeal, but you can sort out the process into three basic types of technology:

Detection: this is the process of finding the face in an image and not the actual analyses/identity thereof.

Analysis: this is the step that maps the face, this is done by measuring the distance between the eyes, shape of the chin, and the distance between the nose and mouth, thereafter converting it into a string of numbers called a face print.

Recognition: this confirms the attempt to identify a person. This is used as verification.

The detection phase of facial recognition begins with an algorithm that teaches itself what a face is. This is done through “training” the algorithm by using images of faces. If you utilise enough images you train the algorithm to detect the difference between a wall outlet and a face. Add the analysis algorithm and then the algorithm to recognise, and you have a fully functional facial recognition system.

Facial recognition has however been the subject of global controversies, but we are here to put your mind at ease, and put controversies to rest!

While in the past facial recognition could be linked to racial profiling, facial recognition has also taken the security of information to great heights.

For one, biometrics, aside from facial recognition suggests that the intelligent software is highly useful in identifying suspects. It can also monitor known criminals and help identify children of abuse, as well as increase border security and crowd control. There is an endless list of benefits of facial recognition within the law enforcement, however biometric systems also offer convenient security in our workplace and everyday lives. 

And that’s where we come in. Uniclox offers avant-garde, in-house software development that coherently amalgamates with all products and Payroll solutions. 

Our intelligent software combined with our advanced hardware have brought a new dynamic to enterprise facial recognition and biometric systems.

Our biometric solutions provide consistent, neutral workforce management through facial recognition. This increases profitability through the decrease of labour costs and payroll processes.

So where does the safety feature come in?

Uniclox systems have cleverly designed software advanced enough to reduce the risk of fraud and thus improves the performance of employees and enhances security.

All our solutions include Cloud Based Time and Attendance Software which allows users to log in anywhere in the world. Uniclox software allows for easy and secure navigation, allowing users to login through fingerprint or facial recognition.

Maybe one day advancements to both global systems and Uniclox Systems will change, but for now the future holds no great changes in biometric solutions besides the tweaking of software and policy changes. However conversations concerning facial recognition technology is not going anywhere for a very long time, thus until then, we will continue to provide clients with the best possible technology containing the most cutting-edge software to provide our clients with the most accurate information. Let the software speak for itself!

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