The Logistics of Employee Time and Access Control


October 13, 2022


Akther Janoo

Transportation Industry and Logistics

Transportation is the movement of goods and logistics is the management of the inward and outward transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the end user
. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are two extremely different parts of the supply chain.

Current Statistics of Accidents on our Roads

There are more than 800 000 road accidents in South Africa every year, translating to roughly 2 200 crashes on our country’s roads daily
. These statistics underscore just how severe the impact of road safety is on both the population and the economy.

Many road accident deaths can be attributed to drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts, speeding, and driving under the influence of alcohol – and, sadly, a large number of fatalities are pedestrians. Other recurring challenges include traffic law enforcement and compliance, vehicle and driver fitness, infrastructural issues, and road user education.

The current state of road safety in our country is intolerable. Through combined efforts and collaboration, it is essential that we work to reduce the number of crashes, deaths, and injuries on our roads.

Our Solutions to Help Curb the Current Accident Pandemic in South Africa

The ideal solution combines our Uniclox Vision Enterprise Platinum software with Hikvision biometric devices. Keep track of employee attendance and keep an eye on their tardiness, earliness, length of breaks, and absenteeism. As employee performance increases, your labour costs will decrease.

No Contact Alcohol Testing with Access Control Breathalyser

WHO estimates show that the drinking population in South Africa consumes 28.9 litres of pure alcohol annually per person, ranking fifth highest in the world. Businesses must now more than ever implement strict policies prohibiting drinking at work. According to studies, regular drinkers are 33% less productive than their co-workers and are more likely to miss work. A lawsuit is ready to happen when you combine this with the increased chance of an occupational injury or death.

Due to its cutting-edge technology, Uniclox can assist companies in putting an end to workplace alcohol addiction. Although portable breathalysers are quite good, there is a chance for operator mistake because their effectiveness depends on the user. We are able to offer a fully automated solution with no need for human intervention and zero margin for error. In a number of industries, including mining, manufacturing operations with significant machinery, and transportation, alcohol testing is usually necessary. When they first report for duty, every employee must pass a test and be sober in order to operate machines. Typically, testing for these industries takes place at the factory’s entrance.

The employee is basically stopped in the middle of their cycle by the turnstile, which forces them to interact with the breathalyser and biometric reader. Every worker entering the building is vetted, and buddy clocking is not allowed. If the employee fails the breathalyser test, the turnstile will open and eject them from the area.

Cloud Control Solution

Uniclox provides a variety of software packages to choose from in order to suit your needs and budget. Our proudly South African developed cloud-based software allows for accurate customisation and viewing. Our Platinum range of software allows for optimal performance from anywhere in the world, with constant updates and new features being made available. Track staff via the Mobile App to see whether they are being productive in the field, or just taking a break and wasting your time and money. A productive staff member can lead to a successful business, and that would build up your business and grow your business from strength to strength. Both staff and employers benefit when a company progresses.

Contact us for a customised time and attendance and access control solution, that integrates directly with your payroll software.

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