Is Loadshedding Causing Data Loss with your Time and Attendance Monitoring?


February 24, 2024


Sophia Hislop

The most recent high-level rolling blackouts in South Africa or loadshedding as we all know it by now,  are having an adverse effect on a number of the economy’s foundational industries. With loadshedding affecting business sectors and entire industries, in addition to food security and mobile networks, the nation’s economy is facing an unprecedented situation, one of which is data loss with your time and attendance monitoring.

But in addition to the harm done to the economy as a whole, certain industries are increasingly raising concerns about the impact brought on by Eskom’s loadshedding. There are costs associated with downtime and business disruption – sometimes up to three times per day. Many companies also face significant equipment risk, which drives up maintenance costs.

This can have an adverse effect on your time and attendance monitoring as biometric terminals and other access control devices rely on electricity in order to operate. The result can be missed punches and gaps in your monitoring which not only impacts your business productivity, but also your profitability.

We’ve got your time and attendance system covered during loadshedding with our battery backup solution. All our biometric clocks can be fitted with a rechargeable battery, keeping your system online and reliable, even in our current loadshedding environment.

Battery backups during loadshedding

What are the benefits of battery backups during loadshedding?

  • Battery lasts for 4-5hours
  • No data loss or interruption
  • No Wi-Fi – data is stored until the connection is restored
  • Easy installation
  • Neat metal housing

Contact us for your Uniclox approved battery backup solution and stay on top of your time and attendance monitoring.

Some of our biometric terminals that can be used in conjunction with our software:

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