Revolutionize Sales Management with the Sales Force Tracking Module


March 1, 2024


Frans Koekemoer

Introducing the enhanced Sales Force Tracking Module, an exclusive feature of the Vision Enterprise Platinum Premium Software, which marks a transformative leap in sales management. This exclusive feature empowers businesses to effortlessly monitor and optimize both one-time and recurring sales appointments, providing a comprehensive solution for sales representatives.

From capturing crucial client details to managing consultations seamlessly through the Platinum Mobile app, this module ensures a streamlined and efficient sales process. With mobile notifications, built-in navigation features, and real-time data dashboards, it not only enhances the productivity of individual sales representatives but also equips managers and administrators with powerful tools for insightful decision-making.


  • Capture essential client details such as name, address, and contact information, along with multiple site management.
  • With administrative privileges, easily create new one-time or recurring appointments for sales meetings, site visits, follow-ups, and more.
  • Receive prompt mobile notifications for new appointments and reminders for overdue ones.
  • Access and manage consultations seamlessly through the Platinum Mobile app, only compatible with Android and iOS devices supporting all Google services.
  • Sales reps can effortlessly record site details, travel odometer readings, and attach photos or PDFs to consultations.
  • Each consultation can be customized to require signatures and additional attachments upon completion.
  • Built-in navigation features enable smooth navigation to sites using Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.
  • Furthermore, reps can utilize quick links within the app to compose new emails to customers or directly initiate calls.
  • Track arrival and departure details, including dates, times, and locations, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of all interactions.
  • Sales managers and administrators enjoy comprehensive access to process reports detailing client history and sales rep performance.
  • The real-time data dashboard presents users with multiple graphs for insights into past and ongoing appointments, including tracking active appointments for all sales reps and their current activities.

In a landscape where precision and real-time insights are paramount, the Vision Enterprise Platinum Premium Software’s Sales Force Tracking Module stands as a cornerstone, enabling businesses to elevate their sales strategy with unparalleled precision and insight. Embrace the future of sales management and propel your business to new heights with this innovative and indispensable tool.

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