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Grain SA's Nampo Harvest Day is back and it holds no secret that it is going to be a week to remember. Nampo is the largest agricultural exhibition in the southern hemisphere and boasts

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Facial recognition is software that has developed to become the newest, biometric trend. What was once seen as a symbol of advancements for futuristic civilisation in sci-fi films has now become an integral

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Uniclox recently ran a competition whereby the first place winners would have the opportunity of donating a percentage of their purchase to a charity of their choice. Our winners were Corteva Agrisciene, a

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Is this legal? There is a difference between monitoring your employees and time & attendance in the workplace. Monitoring employees is the surveillance of workers activities. This includes monitoring their computers, tapping phones,

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We need your support! Don’t just throw them away, somewhere out there is a young girl or woman in need of a bra or underwear and we want to make sure they get

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The start of Cloud Based Technology To get a better understanding of migration to Cloud Time and Attendance Software and the advantages thereof, we want to tell you more about the Cloud. Cloud

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“My staff spend too much time in the toilet” a problem being experienced by so many businesses. Extended toilet breaks are not only costly but can also be seen as absenteeism in the

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Many staff members of Uniclox have been affected by cancer and the company felt it needed to participate in raising funds for the Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) by hosting a Shavathon

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We celebrated International Woman's Day by thanking ALL the ladies working at the Abraham Kriel Orphange Langlaagte for the amazing work they do and spoiled them with some chocolates!

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With the announcement of the first Covid-19 cases that has been confirmed in South Africa, our country is faced with the challenging task of re-evaluating how we travel, at your workplace and interact

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