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We are excited to announce a new feature in our Vision Enterprise Platinum software. HR Training makes filling out SDL and SETA forms easy by capturing all training data in one report. The

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We are pleased to announce a new feature available in our cloud-based software, Vision Enterprise Platinum. This new feature, called Notification Module, will allow users to create a streamlined salary run by getting

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In partnership with HIKVISION, Uniclox is excited to introduce a new range of scopes, which bring a new brilliant perspective to vision. Whether you’re hunting, hiking or patrolling; these scopes will provide you

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Facial recognition is software that has developed to become the newest, biometric trend. What was once seen as a symbol of advancements for futuristic civilisation in sci-fi films has now become an integral

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Is this legal? There is a difference between monitoring your employees and time & attendance in the workplace. Monitoring employees is the surveillance of workers activities. This includes monitoring their computers, tapping phones,

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We need your support! Don’t just throw them away, somewhere out there is a young girl or woman in need of a bra or underwear and we want to make sure they get

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The start of Cloud Based Technology To get a better understanding of migration to Cloud Time and Attendance Software and the advantages thereof, we want to tell you more about the Cloud. Cloud

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With the announcement of the first Covid-19 cases that has been confirmed in South Africa, our country is faced with the challenging task of re-evaluating how we travel, at your workplace and interact